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Why You're A Terrible Co-Worker (Physical Book)


Annoying, lazy, psychotic, sociopathic and soul sucking. These are just a few of the words that describe the lion’s share of the louts that I guarantee we can all relate to working with. And for me, those are the labels of the co-workers I like. The words I’d use to depict the demons that I despise would get me detained at LAX, fined by the FCC and put on Homeland Security’s high profile watch list.

My only real wish in life is that I could work a single shift at my pizza delivery gig without feeling compelled to do a once over on my wrist with a rusty box cutter and then jamming it into a barrel of jalapenos just so I can feel again. I’m not being a pessimist here either. I absolutely believe that this fictitious fairytale of a funland can exist. And the foundation of that fantasy will begin with me explaining why my fellow pizza parlor co-workers are terrible. The idea is, you’ll be able to relate to the stories, identify some similarities, and then we can all take these lessons and forge ahead by attempting to avoid emulating the unadulterated evil that epitomizes most employees. Then, with a little luck, we can all start to understand our own foibles as well as the flaws of those around us, because the quicker we show a little self-awareness, the faster we can flip this unbalanced brick filled boat around and the sooner we can set sail on a cruise to paradise; a paradise where everyone plays nice and participates in something no one wants to do. Work.